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  • Fling Seminars | Advanced Dental Education
  • Fling Seminars | Advanced Dental Education
  • Fling Seminars | Advanced Dental Education
  • Fling Seminars | Advanced Dental Education
  • Fling Seminars | Advanced Dental Education

About Fling Seminars

Advanced Continuing Dental Education

Designed and Presented by Dr. Michael Fling

Fling Seminars was developed to meet a specific need in contemporary dental education. Having been involved as an educator since graduation from dental school in 1984, I developed a desire to target education with two specific goals in mind:

Seminar Inspiration

First, having a background as a dental technician, I am keenly aware of the need for the highest level of communication between the dentist and technician. With today’s patient demanding aesthetic and predictable restorative care, it is the purposed interaction and dependency among the laboratory assistant, the technician, and the clinician, that will allow success. The responsibility of each of these team players is enormous, yet necessary if we choose excellence. Education that nurtures this relationship, concepts that improve communication, and management and technical expertise among these partners is paramount.

Educational Material

Secondly, educational material presented in an informative, stimulating, yet practical approach is critical. “Practical” is emphasized, as it is a goal to provide educational material that can be implemented routinely in our day-to-day practice. It should be noted that while education is a large component of my effort, much like you, I practice dentistry every Monday through Thursday. By applying the fundamental concepts presented in these seminars, aesthetics, predictability, profitability, staff, and patient satisfaction can all be improved in our everyday practice.

Expert Speakers

I have incorporated some of the “masters” in their field to help in this educational process. A master technician, Jeff Singler CDT, will assist in developing the dentist/technician relationship. Mr. Kirk Behrendt will contribute his insight into practice philosophy and personal growth along with his expertise of practice management issues.

It is my conviction to give back to our profession through stimulating education, emphasizing the need to develop meaningful relationships and providing practical, clinically relevant information that can be implemented daily. Thank you for expressing an interest in the offered seminars.

Michael C. Fling, D.D.S.